Compiling C# into browser - Part 1

It has been quite a while since Grace Hopper and her team developed the first compiler back in 1952. She was the one who conceived an idea of developing a new programming language close to English words, which was led to the implementation of COBOL. Her work was continued on developing the compiler as a part of COBOL programme which was able to translate codes written in COBOL (as English statement) into machine code. Before, it was all done by symbol manipulators, and not many people could do that at that time.

Why did I put this here? Just to appreciate how far we have come since the first compiler was coined.

Compiling C# into browser - Part 1 -

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Saeed Ghanavat - Asking for your opinion on how you save your web links.

I would like to ask you a question. And would love to hear your answers and opinions.

I assume that many of you including myself spending a lot time on the internet doing research etc. Of course you have ended up with situations in which you would need to save the links of the web pages you’re visiting. For later retrieval/review. I mentioned links, because obviously links are the only way you can refer to your favourite web pages, later.

How would you save your web links, in order to get back to them later?

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About Blazor, a game changer platform

If you are landing on this post from the previous one(s), you are familiar with WASM and Mono, hopefully! In the previous post where I have introduced Mono, About Mono! An implementation of .Net Framework, you have noticed that I didn’t take it any further than ‘How to Use it’. Well, this is because I thought that this topic deserves its own accommodation. So here we are!

Saeed Ghanavat - About Blazor - A game changer platform

About Mono! An implementation of .Net Framework

Mono is an implementation of .Net Framework, sponsored by Microsoft, and yes it is open source in case you were wondering! It is a solution which allows developers to make cross platform applications. The main C# compiler of Mono is MCS.

An introduction to WebAssembly

I think everyone or every beginner to WASM would be struggling a little bit to understand or make sense of it at the first place. This is including myself by the way.

Saeed Ghanavat - Introduction to WASM

Brief story behind my blog

Saeed Ghanavat - Brief story behind my blog

I have been thinking of creating my own blog for more than it needed. Part of the problem was the complication. I needed something quick. Something that I could quickly share my ideas and opinions, as soon as I wrote them. Currently there are countless number of services which provide an environment where you can create and setup your website/blog. I am not going to mention their brands obviously (some of them are great to be fair). But they are far more time consuming that I was planning for.

Welcome to Coding Marvels!

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