Hi there!

My name is Saeed Ghanavat. I'm a Software Engineer and programmer. I am the author of this blog, obviously! and I will use it to share ideas, opinions and solutions. I will try my best to concentrate on my niche here, but sometimes you may find some other topics (technology/software related!) too.

If you are passionate about Web development technologies and you want to know what's happening out there, discover new ideas and find better solutions, I think this blog can help you.

If you have been reading my posts until the most recent one, you will notice that I have started by giving short introduction in different posts about the base of the main topic of the blog. Please make sure you understand the basic first before you start delving into the main subject. You will learn the main subject much dipper if you fully understand the base and are able to answer the WHY? question.

I have 10+ years of experience in software development. I have been working in variety of projects since I started web development. One of the biggest projects I have been responsible for was the e-Commerce solution for Andrew James UK Ltd. The company where heavily invest on kitchen and homeware products. This project has boosted my knowledge on payment systems, PayPal CheckOut and 'global payments'. I used these two services and implemented the checkout system, from scratch.

Beside this, I have strong interest in SOLID programming and Dependency Injection. You will see some posts regarding both of these subjects, and I will teach you that Dependency Injection is not a new technique and it's not, I repeat it's not meant to be for Unit Testing!

Brief history

I live in south west of England and born in south west of Iran, a city called Mahshahr. And grew up in Esfahan, one of the main tourist destinations for those interested in Middle East history, and historical buildings. I went to Semnan University to study B.Sc in Computer Science. Then I have decided to continue my education and have chosen England as my next stop. I studied Masters' in Software Engineering at University of Sunderland. I have met amazing people there and learnt a lot while I was at the north east of the country.

Picture of the University of Sunderland taken on the Tyne bridge

University of Sunderland campus is located at the bottom of the Tyne & Wear river, right opposite the Port of Sunderland. I took this photo while I was walking on the Tyne Bridge.