Saeed Ghanavat - Brief story behind my blog

I have been thinking of creating my own blog for more than it needed. Part of the problem was the complication. I needed something quick. Something that I could quickly share my ideas and opinions, as soon as I wrote them. Currently there are countless number of services which provide an environment where you can create and setup your website/blog. I am not going to mention their brands obviously (some of them are great to be fair). But they are far more time consuming that I was planning for.

I started to investigate it thoroughly and talked to my friends and some of my colleagues who I trust that they will never steal my idea(s) that I was sharing with them! As soon as I said bbbbllog! I have started to learn a lot. I have put everything on the table, my investigation outcome, friends’ solutions, everything. Came up with a single solution. That solution is what you are visiting now. A quick and hassle-free blog that works like a charm. I write my post and able to upload it comfortably. I mean it won’t get any easier than this, trust me!

What is that single solution then? What about hosting it? What about the domain? Keep reading please…

Once I have found how to design my blog with the ability to upload my posts as quickly as humanly, no sorry, as quickly as technologically possible, I started bothering my nerves and grey cells with how my blog should look like. Then I miraculously flashed myself back in time (for you it’s the first paragraph above) and reminded myself on how I wanted my blog to be done originally. Yesss, something quick and hassle free, so how it should look like isn’t the priority, let’s move on then. But don’t be disappointed just yet. My single shiny solution has a theme I can choose!

This particular solution I have been buzzing about also helped me to host my blog, again, hassle free. Just needed to tweak some DNS settings on my domain registrar account dashboard, in order to wire up my blog to my domain.

I use Jekyll to create my blog. It is a static site generator, which means for me that I can easily create my blog and upload my posts without any complication which was bugging my brain for ages.

When I bumped into this lovely solution, didn’t take me long to scroll down their website to find out that I can use Github Pages, to upload my blog.

For those of you my friends looking for a quick and easy solution. I would advise take a look at the links I have posted here. See if this is also a medicine for you or not.

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